Whole School Events

Whole School Events 2018/2019

Respect Week.

We’ve had a fantastic start to our respect week (aka anti-bullying week). Our pastoral team led an assembly whereby adults were deliberately disrespectful. Children had made respect flags and were asked to wave them when they saw something disrespectful such as an adult on their phone, or talking over someone. The children were asked to come in in their odd socks to show that everyone is different. We’ve ran an odd sock making competition and the picture includes some of our fantastic home made entries. The children also sang a song about Choosing Respect. To raise money for antibullying charities we have been selling antibullying wristbands.
We’ve also included photos of some of our respect flags.
In the socks photos you have:
Subhan Mailk (Year 6), Anabia Ali (Year 3), Aaminah Ali (Year 3), Ayman Ali (Year 5), Hany Ali (Year 4), Sama Mahmood (Year 4), Ahad Aziz (Year 3).

In the respect flags they are all year 5 – Safwaan Mahmood, Huzaifah Khan, Sali Seidi, Huriyah Amin, Mehek Hussain, Amaan Muhammed.


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Remembrance Day.

Below are some photos from our Remembrance activities today. We started off the day with an assembly remembering why we celebrate Remembrance. I am so proud of all the children who took it very seriously. They sang our remembrance song beautifully. In Year 3 they made poppies and researched a soldier to find out what their lives were like. In Year 4 they read Flanders Fields and found out about John McCrae. In Year 5 we made plastic poppies using bottle bottoms and tissues, they also made a wreath. Some classes wrote haiku’s as part of the BBC Live lesson.
The children have been really respectful today and I am so proud of them, especially having a personal link to the wars through my Great Great Uncle who served and died in Dunkirk – Mrs Hickling.

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World Metal Health Day.

Children were asked to come into school wearing something yellow to raise awareness of World Mental Day. Hannah Culling (Year 3 Teacher & Forest School Leader) led the event with an informative assembly to inspire the children to think about how to look after their mental health and that of others.

My comment as PSHE co-ordinator “It’s really important our children know about mental health and how to look after themselves. It’s been a fantastic day where the children have been able to talk openly. We want to remove that stigma that develops around mental health, and make it an important part of our curriculum.” Samantha Hickling – PSHE Co-ordinator.

Jennifer Seabright headteacher said “The children were really engaged with the assembly and it’s good to see so many of our children wearing yellow. A fantastic day!”

Show Racism The Red Card. 

We have had a very successful Anti Hate Week. We kicked off the week with Oldham Athletic talking to our children about Racism in football, specifically our local teams. We lead on the week with Stop Hate UK coming into school on Wednesday to talk to the children about their work. They gave out their helpline number to all the children to take home. Friday celebrated our Show Racism the Red Card day, with the children coming into school i need with a £1 donation for Stop Hate UK. On the day Debbie Abrahams talked about her work with show racism the red card, our Year 3 teacher Mr Whiteside referred our own Show Racism the Red Card football tournament. Our children chalked anti-hatred messages on the playground and made red cards to fill out playground with the message that we don’t accept persecution and hate in our classrooms.

Attached are photos from the playground chalking, the red cards and the visitors we’d had. There is are also photos on Debbie Abrahams twitter.

From me “It has been a fantastic week in school. The children have been engaged and talking about the problems in their lives as well as in the wider world. It’s been an excellent opportunity for some frank and honestly discussions. Well done everyone.”

Stop Hate – “Lovely school with beautiful, insightful children. Good luck with breaking down barriers and stopping hate!”

“Thank you to all the visitors we have had in school this week who have enhanced the key message to stamp out hate.  We are a diverse school and celebrate differences everyday.The children have voiced their own personal messages about the Hate campaign and we thank Mrs Hickling (PSHE Leader) for organising the whole event.”  Mrs Seabright (Headteacher)

Debbie Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth said, “I’m very much looking forward to visiting Alexandra Park to see for myself the work pupils have been doing across the school to mark Stand Up to Racism.  From having a visit from Oldham Athletic to creating red cards to display on Friday, I pay tribute to their efforts across this week and look forward to joining them for the special assembly on Friday.”

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