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This year as part of their advertising work, Dove are providing a parents guide to helping their child with body image. This is what they say:
At Dove, we’re on a mission to encourage young peopleto think positively about the way they look, enablingthem to reach their full potential in life. Over half of girlsaround the world do not have high body confidence,and eight out of 10 of them avoid a range of everydayactivities – from seeing friends and family to gettinginvolved in sports teams or clubs – because they feelbad about the way they look.That’s why, in 2004, we set up the Dove Self-EsteemProject to help support parents, mentors and teachersin sending out a positive message and to ensure thenext generation of women grows up to be happy andcontent, free from the burden of self-doubt that comesfrom appearance pressures.This booklet has been written by experts and designedfor and by parents. We hope the advice and activitiesoutlined on the following pages will help you to helpyour daughter see her own unique beauty and find theself-confidence to shine. Visit formany more articles with stories,adviceand support tohelp your daughter be her best self

download dove’s uniquely me document


The Online world.

Please find below some useful information related to gaming and streaming.

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Teacher assessment changes


2019 national curriculum tests


Applying for a Secondary School Place.

The Year 5’s will be moving into Year 6 very soon. It is never too early to start thinking about your child’s secondary school.

Please find below some useful information related to applying for a secondary school place.

Applying for a Secondary School Place.


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