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Here you will find information on all the events and activities that have involved the local community.


Year 4 welcomed Danny English and his team from Communitree to Alexandra Park, where we had an amazing time discussing sustainability. We experienced a magical day of nature games, outdoor activites and campfire treats (including making hot smores and drinking hot chocolate). Some of us even got to relax in the hammocks and play games in the woods. We all had an absolute blast and it was a truly unforgettable experience!

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Charity Work

At Alexandra Park Junior School we understand the importance of giving and our pupils are taught this through various projects such as fundraising for charities and collections for the homeless.
In the past we have worked closely with local charities such as Barnabus in Manchester and UKEFF in Oldham in order to help the homeless.
This year we decided to provide hope and happiness to youngsters in Syria. Alexandra Park Junior School worked in collaboration with one nation UK (a charity that supports disaster struck countries) and we provided ‘boxes of hope’ to the children in Syria which included messages of hope and lots of lovely gifts donated by our pupils. Our pupils managed to do 62 boxes of hope! They were able to understand the importance of giving without getting anything in return and taught them to value what they have; their generosity will bring smiles to the faces of youngsters going through a hard time as they will receive the gifts in time for the joyous celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitr.



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