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Here you will find information on all the events and activities that have involved the local community.

School Fundraiser – 17.09.2018

We would like to Invite the members of the community  to our school fundraiser which will be taking place on Saturday 13th October 2018 12pm – 4pm at The Eastern Pavilion Banqueting Hall, Oldham.

We are holding this fundraiser so that we can purchase a brand new set of iPads for the children in our school, as our current set are broken or out of date and have a limited use.  As new technology develops there are some incredible learning opportunities that we feel our children would greatly benefit from. This includes accessing a wider and more visual and engaging approach to learning to raise standards, especially as all of our children have English as an additional language.

Unfortunately, due to reductions in funding we are currently unable to purchase the equipment so have decided to hold an event for the community to be involved in to raise the funds.  We also believe this will be an opportunity for our local community to come together, build relationships and celebrate the strides we are making as a school.

To celebrate this fantastic event, the local media will be attending to publicise the local community work, raising the profile of the school and our sponsors/donors. Any sponsors or donors that wish to contribute to the cause will appear on the school website as valued supporter of Alexandra Park Junior School and their link with the local community.

We would truly appreciate your support in this fundraising event and making a huge contribution to the learning experiences and outcomes of our children.

Tickets are on sale at the school and can be purchased at the school reception. A ticket costs £10  and includes entrance to the venue and a 3 course meal. Their will be performances by the school pupils and also many stalls selling food items amongst other things. Under 5’s will be free so no ticket purchase will be necessary.

If you can not attend on the day we would greatly appreciate your donations.This can be made by contacting the school directly and also through our Just Giving page (

Water Pump – 10.09.2018

Alexandra Park Junior School are raising money to have a water pump built in a less fortunate country. Our pupils understand the importance of caring for others not just in the community but around the world too. We would appreciate your donations towards this worthy cause.



Year 4 welcomed Danny English and his team from Communitree to Alexandra Park, where we had an amazing time discussing sustainability. We experienced a magical day of nature games, outdoor activites and campfire treats (including making hot smores and drinking hot chocolate). Some of us even got to relax in the hammocks and play games in the woods. We all had an absolute blast and it was a truly unforgettable experience!

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Charity Work

At Alexandra Park Junior School we understand the importance of giving and our pupils are taught this through various projects such as fundraising for charities and collections for the homeless.
In the past we have worked closely with local charities such as Barnabus in Manchester and UKEFF in Oldham in order to help the homeless.
This year we decided to provide hope and happiness to youngsters in Syria. Alexandra Park Junior School worked in collaboration with one nation UK (a charity that supports disaster struck countries) and we provided ‘boxes of hope’ to the children in Syria which included messages of hope and lots of lovely gifts donated by our pupils. Our pupils managed to do 62 boxes of hope! They were able to understand the importance of giving without getting anything in return and taught them to value what they have; their generosity will bring smiles to the faces of youngsters going through a hard time as they will receive the gifts in time for the joyous celebration of Eid-Ul-Fitr.



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