Year 3 – Home Learning

Year 3 – Home Learning

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As well as completing your tasks on Studyladder, please complete the activities From White Rose Home Learning page. Start from week 1 and work through each lesson (1 a day)! There is a video for you to watch each lesson which will help you with your learning.


Week 5

Worksheets (see answers in section below)

Year 3



Lesson 1 Answers – Unit and non-unit fractions 2019
Lesson 2 Answers – Making the whole 2019
Lesson 3 Answers – Tenths 2019
Lesson 4 Answers – Count in tenths 2019

Week 6

Year 3

Lesson 1 – Tenths as decimals 2019
Lesson 2 – Fractions on a number line 2019
Lesson 3 – Fractions of a set of objects (1) 2019
Lesson 4 – Fractions of a set of objects (2) 2019

Take a picture of your work and post it on twitter so your teacher can see how well you have done!


The Great Science Share

Usually we would join in with The Great Science Share in school, but even though school is closed at the moment you can still get involved.
Each week there will be a different theme, think of a question that you can investigate and share what you find out.

We would love to see your investigations, so please tag us on Twitter @Alexpark_sch and also @GreatSciShare

Summer term1 – Home Learning Tasks

Y3 rocks and soils Home Learning Tasks

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