Alexandra Park Junior School provides an ambitious, high quality and well-planned broad and balanced curriculum which inspires, challenges and safeguards all our children.  It has been designed to meet the individual needs of our children with a focus on purpose and enrichment promoting a lifelong love of learning.  Due to the difficult circumstances this year, the curriculum has been carefully planned and sequenced progressively to ensure every child is able to catch up on lost learning and to gain the sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and future employment.  See individual subject progression overviews for detailed plans for this catch up.  We have also carefully prepared for any child who may have to access remote learning so that no child is left behind.’

Long Term Plans

Year 3 Year 3 Autumn 1 Year 3 Autumn 2 Year 3 Spring 1 Year 3 Spring 2 Year 3 Summer 1 Year 3 Summer 2
Year 4 Year 4 Autumn 1 Year 4 Autumn 2 Year 4 Spring 1 Year 4 Spring 2 Year 4 Summer 1
Year 5 Year 5 Autumn 1 Year 5 Autumn 2 Year 5 Spring 1 Year 5 Spring 2 Year 5 Summer 1 Year 5 Summer 2
Year 6 Year 6 Autumn 1 Year 6 Autumn 2 Year 6 Spring 1 Year 6 Spring 2 Year 6 Summer

Medium Term Plans

Below are the medium term plans for the current half term (Summer 1)

Medium term plan Y3 SUM 2

Medium term plan Y4 SUM 2

Medium term plan Y5 SUM 2

Medium term plan Y6 SUM 1

Y5 Music MTP Music Notation Summer 2021

Y3 Music MTP Musical Me Summer 2021

Skill progression & Subject Overviews

Skill progression overview Scientific Knowledge 2019

Skill progression overview Scientific enquiry 2019

PE Skills overview

History PROGRESSION March 2020


subject overview DT 2019 _subject overview Art 2019

Skill progression overview computing IPADS

French progression of knowledge and skills

PSHE progression 20/21

Knowledge Organisers

Y6 PSHE knowledge mats

Y6 forces knowledge mat

Y6 Animals incliding humans knowledge mat

Y5 British Empire Knowledge Mat

Y5 Animals including humans knowledge mat

Y4 Living things and their Habitats

Y3 What’s in a region? knowledge mat

Curriculum Policies

PSHE Events and Calender 2020/21

Personal development offer 2020/21

Teaching and learning policy

Recovery curriculum policy 202021

If you would like any further information regarding the curriculum then please contact S Griffin (Deputy Headteacher) at the school.

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